Show the world your balls with Doorballs, the world’s funniest door knocker! Measuring 9” tall, 6” wide, and 2” deep Doorballs are made from high quality PVC (the same thing your debit cards are made from) and are as strong as your bathroom plumbing! Weighing in at just over a pound these balls will get the attention of anyone knocking at your door and make salesmen think twice before bothering you. With the included double sided adhesive mounting tape, you can STICK these to almost any flat surface you can imagine. Easily peel off your balls when you move or want to stick your balls somewhere else. Great for apartments, man caves, bathroom doors, access doors, unsuspecting neighbors, white elephant parties, bathroom stalls, and anywhere else you can think of that needs your balls. Discrete packaging in a white box, also available in brass (HEAVY METAL)!

2768 in stock (can be backordered)