How to Install a Door Knocker

Installing Doorballs is easy!   No matter which style you buy, you’ll have no problem installing Doorballs to whatever door you think they’ll hang best from.   We ship with complete kits to make sure they mount perfectly and permanently.

Our door knockers that are made out of PVC are peel and stick to almost any flat surface, however, our metal door knockers have threads that go all the way through the door. In a hollow metal door, there is only air between the interior and exterior portions of the door, so you must use hardware that secures the knocker on the interior of the door. Measure the thickness of the door in inches. The Doorballs through-the-door knockers fit doors that measure between 1-1/2 and 2- 1/4 inches thick.  The threads will go through the door and connect to one of the two sex bolts that are included in the package.  If you feel you are risk of someone trying to steal your balls, we recommend both bolts but if you think one bolt will be sufficient, you can get away with only mounting the top threads through the door on the other side.  You will still have to drill two holes regardless, however the bottom one perhaps doesn’t need to go all the way through and can only be used for positioning the knocker if you wish.

Determine the height for the door knocker; they are generally located at an average adult’s eye level, or approximately 4 1/2 feet from the ground. Place the door knocker on the door and mark the center of the mounts with a pencil or a piece of chalk. Do the same measurements on the interior of the door to ensure the holes align properly. Press an awl against each mark and tap the awl gently with a hammer.

Hold the door knocker against the exterior side of the door and align the knocker with the drilled holes. Then simply press the bolts through the back of the door towards the front side and into the door knocker.
The rubber washers should be between the man (unless you bought the torso version, in which case this doens’t apply) to create padding between the knocker and the front of your door.   Begin to tighten the man against the door by using your screwdriver to secure your knocker, but don’t over do it.

Things You Will Need:

  • Doorballs
  • Chalk or pencil
  • Hammer (for metal door mostly)
  • Electric drill and drill bit
  • Screwdriver
  • Tip

To reduce the risk of splintering, drill small pilot holes in the door before you drill with a larger drill bit..