BIG NEWS @ Doorballs!

Hey everyone, we’ve been slanging balls for awhile now and it’s been great getting pictures from their final resting place. From cabin doors, bathroom stalls, and office doors, there’s no shortage of great places these balls have been mounted to. But what about those people that live in an apartment, or don’t want to drill through their door to get the same look of balls? WELL GOOD NEWS! We’ve dropped the coin to engineer and produce a full scale replica made from the hardest PVC material out there. These balls look EXACTLY like the brass ones, weight almost a pound, and can be STUCK to any flat, smooth surface with the included mounting tape. THE BEST thing of all? We’re taking pre-orders now for the low price of $29.99. They are expected to arrive on December 15th, just in time to ship for Xmas.

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